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Sustainable Ethos

At Usha Yarns, our ethics of sustainability are infused into everything we do every single day. We are actively working to help set the standard for a sustainable future of the textile industry, which historically has been guilty of generating large quantities of waste, contaminating our land and water resources, and producing toxic fumes and chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

We have partnered with designers, apparel brands, technical experts and garment industries to cultivate sustainable solutions that not only incorporate recycled yarns, recycled materials, but also ensure the best quality materials for the production of luxury and high quality fashions.

By recycling pre-consumer textile waste, which accounts for as much as 20% of the total fabric volumes used by garment manufacturers, we have eliminated the unnecessary waste, water use, land use, and the pollution that are typically involved with the production of yarns made from virgin materials.

Our sustainable production processes have led to an overall increase in the availability of apparel, garments, and home furnishings produced with a much lower ecological footprint in the marketplace, and also appeal to the growing number of consumers worldwide who are now demanding more ecologically-friendly products.

We are also seeking to form partnerships with leading retail, fashion, lifestyle, and garment brands to achieve zero waste through the process of recycling garment and fabric waste into useful products.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.