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How Regenerated Yarns Can Help to Change the Textile World (And Your Business)

Where you choose to source the supplies for your business matters, and with a growing awareness of global environmental issues, it matters more than ever before. The truth is that every choice we make has some impact on our world, and as businesses, it is becoming increasingly expected that our practices do not negatively impact the environment.

By replacing your virgin yarn with a quality recycled yarn you will:

Avoid unnecessary waste in the garment industry, thereby reducing the demand for landfill space Avoid the herbicides, pesticides, and land used to grow cotton crops Reduce pollution, water use, and energy use
Support the creation of jobs in a sustainable industry and promoting a circular “zero waste” economic system
Save money compared to the cost of yarn made from virgin materials

So, by using recycled yarns in manufacturing your product, you will reduce your business’ environmental footprint as well as your input costs. This is good news for both the planet and for your bottom line, and your products will stand out in a global marketplace that is increasingly demanding eco-friendly products.

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