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Ease Of Recycling: Our Next Aim To Sustainability

So far the focus of sustainability has been towards producing goods more sustainably by reducing polluting effects of production, optimize use of natural resources and recycle different kinds of waste generated at each stage of the production cycle. For the last few decades we have seen major work in these areas and have shown progressive results.

ease of recycling - recycling process

Ranging from optimum use of natural resources to carbon footprint and now cyclic manufacturing we assume to be doing a lot in this race against time. While doing all this, we could have achieved a lot if we had also emphasized on product design from a sustainable point of view.

Which means a greener product could be designed considering the ease of recycling as it reaches at the end stage (dispose of) of life cycle.

We need to be religious on following this from a new product development stage, even if it requires some compromise on the functional aspect of a product. The product design team must aim to ensure its reusability at end of life. The time has come when the industry needs to draws up standards for EASE OF RECYCLING.

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