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Accelerating Circularity in Fast Fashion

Circular economy brings together multiple factors with the objective of recreating business models; for them to have a positive influence on social and environmental issues. It relies on tactics that are more efficient on managing natural resources and that support human development. Overall, it’s also more sustainable throughout time, while the distribution of value is more equal and long-term.

circularity at scale usha yarns ltd

It’s a concept often associated with small scale production. Since local and careful monitored activities, are the easiest way to achieve sustainability goals. But global needs speak for on emergencies. We’re not only upon a climate crisis with many actual consequences, but we’re a growing population that expects to reach 8 billion by the end of 2022.

These problems call for immediate actions. Bigger actions. While governments are slow in decisions by current geopolitical disruptions, private sectors like enterprises, corporations, companies and entrepreneurs; lead the road to transformation.

The principles of circularity recognize all alternatives that redefine growth, focusing on how the benefits of an industrialized economy and business practices can change the future of capitalism.

Many of the conventional profit strategies are fruitful but leave out the negative impacts of production methods. The fast fashion industry is one of the top menaces. Consuming endless number of resources while polluting at the same time.

At Usha Yarns we’re scaling up to meet the high demand of the textile industry. Introducing a 4th facility to grow our production next year 2023, expecting to reach further into market with the best sustainable materials.

Our project has also a compromise with social responsibility. Productivity in our facilities works along with our company participation in local education, clean-water sanitation, infrastructure and gender equality. And our products consist of a wide variety of yarns made from recycling processes, based on our research and global standard quality control.

We are scaling up circularity with retail and fashion brands that eager to engage with measures related to sustainability. Usha Yarns enables recycling partnerships with full traceability. Our recycling process is backed by advanced processes of waste management ethically aligned with UNGC principles and SBTs goals with lesser impact.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.