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A Sustainable Brand Association – SHAHI, India

USHA YARNS and SHAHI Strategic Tieup for Zero Waste.

16 Nov 2020, Chandigarh


SHAHI, the largest garment exporter of India, working with luxury to fast fashion brands now joins the bandwagon towards a circular textile economy. Usha Yarns has partnered with Shahi, to receive their post industrial garment waste back to our recycling facility, to regenerate high quality yarns which can replace virgin yarns.

“We are excited to announce that SHAHI has become our circular chain partner in India”. This will be a big move towards circularity for the Indian textile industry. Now garment mills waste can contribute back to the value chain in remaking new garments. We will now be able to declare traceability and achieve higher quality standards with premium raw materials from an identified reputed source”

Managing Director, Usha Yarns Ltd

“A strong partnership is the key to the success of sustainability and the future of global fashion and apparel business. “Sustainable Fashion” is no longer a niche. By & by, many brands are lending credence to this idea. Usha Yarn has not only been a great partner in our journey towards being sustainable, but also a reliable and responsible source of recycled raw materials for Shahi”

CEO, Shahi Exports Pvt Ltd

Climate crisis and the COVID pandemic have changed how we think, act and work on sustainability. Organizations have to reshape and grow in parallel to their sustainability goals. We see high sustainability values in recycling and being able to utilize garment mill waste. The whole process is completely dry and doesn’t need any dyeing to make colored yarns. Together, with our association we will be able to take another step towards achieving a waste free textile value chain.

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