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Usha Yarns Enters into an MoU with Reverse Resources for Procurement of Traceable Textile Waste

05 March 2021, Chandigarh


It has been almost 10 years since we started manufacturing regenerated yarns. Usha Yarns has been on a journey of continuous improvement to make recycled yarns acceptable to garment retailers. Reverse Resources has been in association with Usha Yarns for the last 5 years and now we are happy to announce our MoU for verification and supply of garment cutting waste of factories for recycling into quality yarns.

“The global trend of fast fashion and growth in volume of garment waste is a serious concern. There is no solution to this other than recycling textile waste. We at Usha Yarns have taken up this challenge by producing high quality recycled yarns from pre consumer textile waste. Our partnership with Reverse Resources facilitates us to assure international textile retailers about the traceability and reliability of raw materials (textile waste) ,to enable them to accept recycled yarns for their range of sustainable products”.

Anurag Gupta Managing Director Of Usha Yarns Ltd

Anurag Gupta

Managing Director at Usha Yarns Ltd

“With the circular economy massively emerging in the fashion industry, Reverse Resources offers a SaaS platform as a strategic tool for high-end recyclers and fashion brands to be able to manage their supply of secondary materials efficiently and transparently. We are happy to work together with Usha Yarns as one of our first recycling partners who understand the long-term value of digital overview of circular material flows.”

Ann Runnel

Ann Runnel

Founder at Reverse Resources
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