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A Sustainable Brand Association – PURE WASTE, Finland

PURE WASTE a Long term Sustainable Partner Brand
with USHA YARNS to Offer
100% Recycled Merchandise in the Nordic Region.

6 Nov 2020, Chandigarh

*compared to a similar T-shirt made of virgin materials.

Pure Waste in Finland is committed to make merchandise in a more ecological and ethical way by choosing materials which are circular and sustainable in nature. The company has a clear vision to recreate the fashion industry, and lead it into a future of sustainability.

“We are proud to declare our association with Pure Waste as a sustainable partnered brand, Customers in Europe can now get the best quality garments and accessories made from 100% recycled yarns with high sustainable values”

Anurag Gupta Managing Director Of Usha Yarns Ltd

Anurag Gupta

Managing Director at Usha Yarns Ltd

“Our mission at Pure Waste is to create recycled products that inspire change towards a world without textile waste. It’s a great pleasure for us to be partner with Usha Yarns, a company that shares same values and ambitions. By working together we have been able to develop recycling processes and scale up the production of 100% recycled yarns, fabrics and ready made garments.”

Jukka Pesola

Jukka Pesola

CEO at Pure Waste Textiles

Usha Yarns and Pure Waste have been working in the same direction to support each other for the last five years, wherein we promised to develop the finest quality textile materials for them with no compromise on their circularity goals. Our recently added features like traceability offer transparency and routine in-house testing for restricted and harmful chemicals make the usage of recycled materials ever more safe.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.