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A Sustainable Brand Association – Aware™, The Netherlands

USHA YARNS and AWARE™ Partner to Offer 100% Traceable Recycled Cotton Yarn from India

6 Nov 2020, Chandigarh

Usha Yarns have entered into a strategic partnership with The Movement to become a nominated spinner of the Aware™ integrity solution. Aware™ developed a technology that can truly verify the authenticity of recycled materials and validate the sustainable claims made.

“As the global demand for sustainable textiles is growing, we needed a traceability solution to verify the claim of recycled content in the textile value chain. The advent of AWARE™ tracer technology offers a breakthrough value to our buyers (brands) by offering traceability and mapping material movement in the supply chain. It also assures differentiation of our recycled yarns from counterfeit yarns.”

Anurag GuptaManaging Director Of Usha Yarns Ltd

Anurag Gupta

Managing Director at Usha Yarns Ltd

“We are extremely privileged to announce that Usha Yarns became a nominated spinner of the AWARE™ Integrity Solution in India”, says Feico van der Veen, Managing Director of The Movement. “To be able to partner with one of the leading recycled cotton spinning mills in the world, enables to textile industry to make a shift to high quality recycled cotton yarn, embedded with the AWARE™ tracer and blockchain technology and create a huge impact by saving more than 9,000 liters of water per kilo.”

Feico van der Veen

Managing Director at The Movement.

AWARE™ combines tracer technology (fingerprint embedded in the recycled cotton yarn) and block chain (mass balance) in one integrated solution. Not just a QR code on a product connecting with a database, but 100% transparency by disruptive technologies. A handheld scanning device can detect if a genuine certified recycled yarn has been used in the final product (by reading the tracer), and claims (impact data and mass balance) are validated by open-source block chain.

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